Cranchi yachts


The activity of Cranchi Yachts is aimed at the production of high quality motor boats, with excellent marine performance, excellent reliability and extended safety standards.

Strengthened by a centuries-old tradition and always looking to the future, the company aims to achieve constant and long-term growth.

Sustainable growth, to be achieved through the offer of yachts of excellent quality, targeted investments in innovation and research, the development of a stronger and lasting partnership with suppliers and with all those who contribute to the production and distribution of products.


E26 Rider
E26 Classic
E30 Endurance
A46 Luxury Tender
T36 Crossover
T43 Trawler
T55 Trawler
M44 HT
60 ST
60 HT
E52S Evoluzione
E52F Evoluzione
Sessantasette 67 ft
Settantotto 78 ft