Sessantasette 67 ft


Here is the new yacht that will enrich the Cranchi flybridge range. With a length over all that exceeds 67 feet (20.8 meters), the new model is called Sessantasette, like the number, written in full and in Italian. It is the same principle for which the shipyard’s flagship is called Settantotto, meaning that this yacht gives much more than its length might suggest. It offers the best of Made in Italy design and style, superior technical solutions and an unmistakable and already iconic line. The family feeling linking it with the Settantotto is immediately obvious: it has the same sleek profile, splaying bow and pronounced high and protective gunwale, giving the yacht a naval allure. The project was a collaboration between the Cranchi Yachts Research Development Department and Christian Grande, entrusted with the art direction aspect. The lines and shape that characterise this yacht are emblematic, complementing and echoing each other throughout the various elements of the profile. One example is the line extending from the curve of the stern hatch to the part of the fly that juts out, or between the outline of the windows and the break in the centre of the bulwark. This break provides an elegant reduction in volume on the side of the yacht, from the gunwale to the stringer, enhancing the panoramic view from the large windows that surround the saloon. The dining room will have an uninterrupted view of the sea, with nothing to obstruct natural light from flooding the internal space.

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